Wahine - A Tall Order to Beat... 3" Exactly

Scott Hawaii Womens


Our Wahine slipper has been doing it's thing since 1998.  It was there when the platform thing boomed.  There when the platform thing waned.  And still here all these years later.  Get your pair and see why.

Tubular nylon strap has no hard edges so it rolls against the skin

Due to the way the nylon is woven it's literally a tube.  Without any hard edges it's impossible for it to dig into your foot.  It's not magic, it's engineering!

Brushed Rubalon insole balances instant comfort and durability

A Scott Hawaii innovation, Rubalon has the cushioning comfort of EVA foam with the support and durability of rubber. It gives the foam memory which molds to your foot so it can go the extra mile.

Lightweight rubber foam outsole

Finding the perfect balance is never easy, but we may have done it with this outsole.  It has enough rubber to make it last and enough foam to keep it lightweight. And with a 3' heel the lighter the better.