Honey In Hawaii

Honey has been harvested by humans for thousands of years, valued for its sweet taste and various medicinal uses. In some ancient cultures, honey was used to embalm the dead, or buried with them to bring to the afterlife. In ancient Greece, beekeeping was common, both for honey harvesting and to help cultivate other flowers and plant growth. 

Fast forward to today, and honey is still being consumed for its health benefits. Honey is known to help with coughs, sore throat, burns, ulcers, regulating blood sugar levels, and can even help to prevent certain types of cancer. People use honey as a replacement to white sugar or corn syrup, as it is a more natural and healthier alternative to other sweeteners.

Bees were introduced to Hawaii in 1857 by William Buck, who shipped his bees from San Jose to Honolulu. These honey bees created feral hives and thrived in Hawaii's lush landscape. As more and more people populated the islands, the interest in beekeeping grew. The large scale planting of macadamia trees also helped the bee industry, as the nectar of the blossoms was popular with the bees.  

The quality of Hawaiian honey is extraordinary. The vast amounts of nectar and pollen available to the bees makes for unique and tropical honey you'll have a tough time finding elsewhere. Shop local, help the bees, and get some healthy, 100% raw honey. It's a win-win!