Manoa - The Tonka Truck of Slippers

Scott Hawaii Mens



Translation: Inspired by the Manoa Falls and excellent hiking trails

Our all terrain slipper... our 4x4... our ‘Tonka truck’!  The Manoa has the oomph to prove its durability with its heavy duty rubber bottom.  Just ask the Keawe thorns!  But don’t worry, comfort can be found in hell or high water with this pair of slippers.

Nylon strap with anti-chafe neoprene lining provides instant comfort

Avoid the dreaded sandal strap burn. Wetsuit style neoprene lining is soft next to skin and ensures a comfy fit well after the sun goes down.

Textured Rubalon insole wicks moisture away from the foot for added grip

A Scott Hawaii innovation, Rubalon has the cushioning comfort of EVA foam with the support and durability of rubber. It gives the foam memory which molds to your foot so it can go the extra mile.

Scott's All Terrain sole features arch support and heel cup

Anatomically designed to contour to your foot shape and provide sneaker level support in your favorite hiking slippers. Our lug sole is built for hiking and any other rugged activities.