Kumu - King of Rubbah Slippas

Scott Hawaii Mens


Often duplicated, but never replicated, the Kumu is the 'rubber slippah' that changed it all.  It was the first in its category to offer double plugs, an actual rubber outsole and an arch.  In a world of knock offs and cheap imitations, do yourself a favor and stick with the original.

Rubber strap featuring back double plug

There's nothing worse than a slipper whose strap has pulled out rendering it useless.  Scott Hawaii ensures those 'flat tires' are not a problem with double plugs on each side of the back strap securing it in place.

Textured Rubalon insole wicks moisture away from the foot for added grip

A Scott Hawaii innovation, Rubalon has the cushioning comfort of EVA foam with the support and durability of rubber. It gives the foam memory which molds to your foot so it can go the extra mile.

100% Rubber outsole with slight arch

Scott Hawaii's quality is world renown and it can't be more evident than the addition of a rubber outsole and arch on its most basic slipper. Which makes it anything but basic.